Production Plants



Eldor's story in China started in the 1990s.

As always, the first step was a market study and, more importantly, a study into the culture of the location.

For Eldor, having a good understanding and respect for different ethnicities and the values in a society or population is fundamental for creating synergy to maximise the quality of work and of corporate life.

The first steps were made by establishing relationships with local stakeholders.


Eldor opened a technical and sales office in the city of Kunshan.


Eldor founded Eldor China in Dalian. Following this event, the Italo-Sino Foundation and Milano Finanza presented the company with the “Top Investor Award” (China Award 2012), to honour Eldor as one of the major Italian investors in China.


Once the manufacturing facility was completed, the first production line was then installed.


Eldor began the mass production of ignition systems.


Volkswagen-PT conferred its “Excellent Progress Award” to Eldor Dalian for the start-up of the manufacturing facility, where the output for plug top coils matched estimated production volumes by one-hundred percent in 2013. The technical office in the megapolis of Shanghai also opened the same year.


Eldor introduced a second production line.


Eldor China received the Volkswagen Powertrain China award “Quality Gold Trophy,” for its zero-defect production in 2015. In the same year, Liepin, a famous Chinese recruiting agency, gave Eldor China the “Extraordinary Employer of 2016” award for the company values and commitment to our people.


Growth in demand in the Chinese market continued and, therefore, so did Eldor’s production lines, leading to the implementation of a third line. In the same year, Eldor was awarded Volkswagen's “Excellent Logistic Performance 2016”, by distinguishing itself among all suppliers to Volkswagen Powertrain China for the quality of its logistics services.