Growing a company means
building hopes and dreams
for future generations


Eldor Corporation was founded upon the vision of Pasquale Forte.

In his vision, Mr. Forte sees continuous and progressive expansion, based upon Eldor’s Pyramid of Values.
The company’s aim is to expand throughout the world, recognizing and respecting the cultures of each country where Eldor intends to establish solid technological and ethical foundations based on universally accepted values.

Working in this way means that Eldor is now a multinational leader in the Automotive industry.
Eldor has manufacturing facilities in Italy, USAChina, Turkey and Brazil, and is continuing to invest in these operations.


Eldor also has technical and commercial offices in Germany, China, USA, Brazil, and South Korea, with plans for other offices in the near future.
Currently, Eldor has a total worldwide staff of 3,000 and expects to increase this number substantially over the next months and years.


Because of its research centres and process technologies, Eldor is now a leader in the development and production of ignition systems, ECUs and systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Today Eldor, within its research centres, is concentrating on the major trends in the Automotive industry, such as: vehicle electrification, robotics, smart materials, clean energy and a defect-free factory.

R&D centers

The greatest recognition reserved to Eldor in the Automotive industry is the fact that 400 million vehicles across the world are equipped with Eldor Technology Inside.

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