Beyond our limits
beyond the current state of affairs


We do not inherit the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.

Ancient Maasai saying


We were born with a dream, a very clear vision, and over time our dream is to go further, to go beyond. Beyond the Automotive industry, beyond the current state of affairs, beyond our own limits. The final destination is an Earth that has rediscovered its original purity and can give humankind new energy.

This future world will involve an extensive process of urbanization. By 2030, cities will contain at least one billion new residents and their life expectancy will be longer. Cities will become smarter, connected, sustainable and “clever”.


The reduction in CO2 emissions will be a major priority, we will produce greater amounts of clean energy from sources of renewable energy and we will develop smart materials that can react to the external world and work to counteract pollution.
The air that we breathe will, for this, be better.

In the city of the future, a great revolution will take place: the revolution of mobility and transport.
Mobility will progressively be seen as a service, and it will be characterized by several great trends: vehicle electrification, shared mobility, self-driving cars and connected mobility.

We believe that is possible to build a better world, in which new technologies will have to be at the service of humankind, without taking the upper hand.