We’ll see it when we believe in it.
If you believe in something,
you will come out winning

«We are facing a historic turning point, a revolution in technology and thinking where the arrival point will give us a very different company from the one we know”. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, self-driving cars and clean energy are just some of the aspects of a deep evolutionary process.

In my role of founder, President and CEO of Eldor, I can say that we started and were raised with a dream: the dream of a better world. Today, circumstances are such that we have the chance to achieve this dream of progress. We must, however, be pragmatic dreamers.
Only if we believe in something will we be able to see it. Only if we learn how to renew ourselves, change rapidly and adhere to solid values will we be able to take part in this enthralling landscape.

From a small, provincial company that started in a garage and operated in consumer electronics, Eldor was able to turn itself into a multinational leader in the Automotive industry and a partner of the major car manufacturers. This ascent makes me trust in our next mission, that of acquiring a predominant role in the future of mobility.

It is a challenge that we must face while keeping our values intact. Without values, organizations only live for a brief time. Economics and ethics cannot exist one without the other. Only when they operate side by side are they able to change the world».