CO2 Reduction

We need to innovate
in an informed and sustainable manner

CO2 Reduction

To reduce polluting emissions, we must come up with more efficient Internal combustion engines.

For this reason, Eldor is developing ignition coils and 48V systems for vehicle electrification.

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Ignition Systems for e-fuel
and Hydrogen Applications


Plug-top Ignition Coils

Each ignition coil has its own distinctive performance and dimensions.
Housing, electronics, mounting arms and insulator boot are customized for the engine application.

Plugtop Coil Families

Plug-top family EPT200SP EPT200 EPT600 EPT300
Output energy 130mJ 100mJ 50mJ 80mJ
Spark voltage Up to 45kV Up to 45kV Up to 42kV Up to 36kV

High energy ignition systems

High Energy Ignition Coil

Eldor’s advanced development center is developing innovative technologies for high energy ignition systems.


  • High Energy (>200mJ)
  • Advanced Diagnosis Functions to meet future CO2 reduction target