Urban E-Mobility

You will never fully understand a city
without using its public transport system

Urban E-Mobility

Population growth and the increase in urbanization levels bring major challenges to the future of mobility. Eldor is addressing this challenge with a portfolio of solutions specific to smart mobility.

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Charging stations

Products range includes the Stand stations family, in its variants (Plus and Hybrid), and the Wall stations family: both families are characterized by different combinations of sockets and by a high level of configurability, reliability and management.


Self-driving delivery robots

Eldor is investing in self-driving delivery robots, autonomous machines that carry packages or shopping directly to customer’s homes. Using autonomous drive technology, these robots can safely reach the customer’s precise location, avoiding any pitfalls along the way.

Self-driving robots can provide a real solution to how e-commerce companies handle their last mile logistics. This final stretch in transporting goods incurs hefty costs and can also determine the success of a company. Today’s market needs faster deliveries that can reach customers whenever and wherever they are, with shipment planned via mobile apps.

Self-driving delivery robots also reduce harmful emissions as they are powered by electricity. In smart cities, they are an efficient method for indoor and outdoor deliveries, in the public and private sectors.