Electrification brings hope
for a cleaner world



The future of mobility is electric. Car will perform better, be safer and more efficient. Eldor wishes to work alongside its customers in this transformation, offering a range of components developed for their needs.

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High Voltage BSG

High tension belt starter generator with an integrated inverter and control software for full hybrid vehicles. A compact and robust design created for maximum ease of integration within the engine bay.

Main Features:

  • Integrated Unit With Inverter and EMI Filter
  • Hairpin Stator Technology, High Torque Density and Scalability
  • Compact Integrated Electronics with Custom Power Modules
  • Dual Core Microcontroller for Functional Safety ISO 26262
  • SW Architecture based on AUTOSAR 4.2.2

DC-DC Converters

High voltage/low voltage and bidirectional DC/DC converter with wide input voltage range, designed for scalability, reliability and fully automated assembly.

Main Features:

  • Various Power Range with Minimum Packaging Variations
  • Wide Input Voltage Range Sustained
  • Custom Magnetics and Plastic Components Designed for Better Cooling and High Resistance to Vibrations

Integrated on-board chargers

Modular design solutions fitting Bidirectional On Board Charger and DC/DC Converter modules with Power Distributor Units.

Integrated on-board chargers with power distribution

Main Features:

  • Wide Power Variants and Battery Voltage Range
  • Single or Three Phase AC Mains
  • Compatible with Worldwide Charging Interface Standards
  • Bidirectional DC/DC Converter Module
  • High Power Factor Correction and Overall Charging Efficiency
  • Modular Architecture enabling many different configuration variants by combining Base Modules of On Board Charger, DC/DC, Heater and Power Distribution
  • Designed for Fully Automated Assembly




Range of traction machines to suit different application requirements, architectural layouts and performance levels. Related inverter and control software come as scalable and modular solutions for the various voltage and performance classes.

Main Features:

  • 48 V and High Voltage
  • Asynchronous and Interior Permanent Magnet Topologies
  • Single or Double Compact Inverters, for High Performance Systems
  • Si and SiC based Semiconductor Variants with Custom Power Modules fitting Mainstream to High-End Applications
  • Dual Core Microcontroller for Functional Safety certificated ISO 26262
  • SW Architecture based on AUTOSAR

Hairpin Technology

Eldor uses patented HAIRPIN technology.


  • Higher Fill Factor
  • Higher Peak Torque
  • Higher Efficiency in key regions of use
  • Lower Specific Cost
  • Extraordinary Continuous Power Density
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Increase in Power Density
  • Joule losses Reduction
  • Decrease in Winding Overhead Height
  • Modularity in Different Stator Height

Electronic control units

Vehicle control unit

Eldor Vehicle Control Unit performs distributed vehicle controls not specifically related to the engine management. Typical application is power distribution and management for actuators and other devices.

Combustion control unit

Eldor Combustion Control Unit performs in cylinder combustion analysis based on ion sensing technology using Eldor patented algorithm. The Eldor system uses the standard spark plug as a sensor without adding any other sensor into the engine.

All the Eldor ECUs uses 32bit microcontroller.

Full engine control unit

Eldor ECUs control fuel injection and ignition parameters to optimize engine power output and minimize the emission of polluting gases. ECU is equipped with several input and output stages to be interface to sensors and actuators.

All the Eldor ECUs uses 32bit microcontroller.